Good News,

Your Favourite tipple has been saved!

Ballards Brewery Ales are going to continue, and will be brewed at Greyhound Brewery in West Chiltington – so just down the road!

The Greyhound Brewery equipment, a brewing methods and water are essentially the same, so this, as well as help from us at Ballards, will ensure that your favourite Ballards ales will remain the same and will be brewed to the same recipes!

We plan to hold the famous Ballards walk as usual on the 3rd of December,  with everyone’s help and support, it will be a chance for you to meet the super friendly Greyhound Brewery team.

Nick Allen of Greyhound Brewery said ‘we’ve always loved Ballards as a brewery and what they do, a firm favourite is their Best Bitter! We really couldn’t stand by and see Ballards disappear, they have been a beacon since 1980 and we feel fortunate that we can continue the tradition with the help and blessing of the Ballards Team’

The brewing equipment has been sold and is going to Serbia, the brewery building at Nyewood is up for sale.

To Get in contact with the team at Greyhound give us a call on 01798 815822 or


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