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Pale Ale malt

Pale Ale malt

We use three types of malted barley, and torrefied wheat. Here is a brief description of them.

PALE ALE the main base malt for our grist. Light in colour, floury when cracked open. Tastes biscuity.

CRYSTAL. Small amounts may be used (up to 10%) to give colour & to sweeten. This is malted barley, but treated to crystallize the starchy contents. It looks like hard resin which, when cracked open tastes very sweet, halfway between caramel & brown sugar.

CHOCOLATE MALT. Very small amounts are used to darken & give a roasted flavour in our mild & some of our barley wines. It is roasted to give a very dark colour , & tastes of coffee.

TORREFIED WHEAT. We use Torrefied wheat in both Nyewood Gold & Midhurst Mild, it helps head retention, stopping the bubbles in the head popping to quickly. Raw, it tastes rather like puffed wheat.

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