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We at Ballards would like our customers to enjoy our products, now & for many years to come and we believe that our beers, and Real Ales in general, are drunk and enjoyed by sensible adults in a sensible way and can form part of a healthy and balanced life style.

Real Ales are brewed using hops with seeds, which are believed to contain a soporific compound, making it more likely that drinkers will go peacefully to sleep, rather than behave in an anti-social manner.

We believe that the Government suggestion of “Health Warnings” to be placed on all bottles and cans containing alcoholic products is unnecessary in the case of Real Ale, and would involve considerable expense for small producers such as ourselves. However, it is of course sensible for drinkers to be aware of the units of alcohol they are consuming, and quick glance at the table alongside will enable you to monitor your intake of different strengths of beer.

Drinking beer in pubs has been an integral part of our British Heritage for generations and has proved to be an invaluable facet of social cohesion and community life. Pubs are microcosms of our whole society; a safe, controlled environment, but nevertheless one in which each individual is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own actions. Please continue to support our pubs, and come to us for a few pints to enjoy at home as well.

Enjoy all Ballards’ beers – in moderation!

For most adults, it’s fine to enjoy a drink.

At the same time, we a need to look after our health and well-being.

Click here to visit drinkaware.co.uk

Here we have a useful chart to work out how many units of alcohol there are in a typical pint of beer.

ABV% Number of Units of Alcohol
3.5 % 1.99
3.75% 2.13
4.0% 2.27
4.25% 2.41
4.5% 2.56
4.75% 2.70
5.0% 2.84
5.25% 2.98
5.5% 3.12
5.75% 3.27
6.0% 3.41

One unit of alcohol is defined as 10 ml of pure ethanol, so the strength of a pint with only 1 unit in would be 10 ml x 100 = 1.67 % ABV

1 pint 568 ml

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