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Gold Award at SE SIBA Brewing Competition 2008.
The first Ballards beer ever brewed, in 1980, Best Bitter is a traditional amber colour and is usually described as having a nutty flavour, with a good balance of fruit and malt, and a dry hoppy finish. At 4.2% it’s the most popular strength of beer drunk in the UK.


Gold Award in Beauty of Hops Award 1997

Gold Award in Strong Bitter Category of Champion Beer of Britain Competition 1999

Category winner at the First Great Western Octoberfest 1998 and

S.E. SIBA Brewing Awards 2002.

Originally brewed for the Beauty of Hops Competition 1997 to trial Phoenix hops, a new variety developed to be resistant to Wilt, the disease which has decimated English Hop Gardens. Nyewood Gold is a robust golden brown bitter, very hoppy and fruity throughout with citrus notes and a tasty balanced finish. It is our best selling bottle-conditioned beer.


Beer of the Festival Cardiff 1992
Silver Award Strong Bitter Category of Champion Beer of Britain Competition 1992
Silver Award Great Aberystwyth Beer Festival 1998
Bronze Award S.E. SIBA Brewing Awards 2002
Originally brewed in 1980 for Ballards’ first Christmas, popular demand has forced us to brew it all the year round ever since. It was first bottled in 1995. Wassail is a strong, full bodied fruity beer with a predominance of malt flavours, but also an underlying hoppiness. At 6.0% it is considered by CAMRA to be a Barley Wine, but its characteristics are more those of a strong “Winter Warmer” style bitter.


Frans chilli beer
A finger chilli is added to each bottle and matured for a month. A light golden beer with a strong aroma of chilli. The flavour of the vegetable is clearly tasted and the heat gives a kick at the back of the throat. The heat seems to be in the bubbles. Your mouth will quickly acclimatise and the light hop flavour of the beer can be appreciated.

ON THE HOP 4.5% alc vol


A new beer now arrived.



The beers listed above are bottle-conditioned and contain yeast sediment. The beers are brewed using malt, hops, yeast and water, in exactly the same way as the draught equivalents. They are then fined and filtered, and re seeded with yeast, which combines with the residual sugars in the beer to cause a secondary fermentation in the bottle. They should be stored upright in a cool dark place, and served at 8 – 10C. The beers should not be kept in a refrigerator for longer than 30 mins or a haze may result.










* Awards Listed above for draught versions of all beers

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